Grimm MU-1 a job extremely well done!

“I wasn’t expecting this. I stared in disbelief to my friend and to Ben, our host.
Tears filled my eyes. I could use words like ‘bigger and deeper soundstage’,
‘better detail’ and more audiophile babbling. But that doesn’t really describe the experience.
What we heard: it was more real. Basta.
And this simply allows one to better connect to the musical experience.”

Onze Belgische klant Bart maakte dit mooie verslag van de demonstratie van de Grimm MU-1 in onze winkel. Doel van dit bezoek was het intensief luisteren naar de Grimm MU-01 muziekstreamer. Veel leesplezier!

Audio Afficionado: MU1 is a job extremely well done!